Talking to myself, or, a tribe called blog?

We return, briefly, to ponder tribes and blogging “out loud” while the rest of the world hits the post-holiday sales…

I’m still working my way through Godin’s book. Though it be but little, it be fierce – I have to put the book down every five minutes and daydream about the ideas there.

That’s why I was both surprised and pleased to finally get a chance to read Inspired by Tribes, a collaborative response to the book. I’d bookmarked this when it was featured in TTW back in November. The content dovetails nicely with my current train of thought, which is, how can Eleventh Stack get even better in ’09? Of course, that begs for a definition of “better.”

The “Inspired” .PDF tackles this question nicely in a section called “Can I Turn My Blog Into a Tribe?” The bottom line seems to be that a blog is a good vehicle for starting a tribe, though not necessarily a tribe in and of itself. I would disagree, to a certain extent. The bloggers I have the privilege of leading function as a small tribe, one that other library staffers are starting to want to join, at least on a trial basis (am working on guest blogger guidelines with Julie H., as we speak). But I think there’s potential for creating a tribe of readers, provided we find the right platform (something else I’m working on, too).  “Better,” in my mind, would mean both “more inclusive” and “more tribal,” two things you can’t really measure, though stats can reflect them somewhat.

There’s plenty of other goodness here on leadership and innovation. As you might suspect, a lot of the answers are “fuzzy,” and based on instinct. You learn what to do by doing it, by experimenting, by trying things out, and by learning from your mistakes. Sounds obvious, but it’s something that’s easy to forget.

My personal “charming blunder” role model in the leadership department is the unsinkable Dana Whitaker, the plucky heroine of Aaron Sorkin’s woefully underappreciated dramedy Sports Night. Her attempts to bolster her tribe with t-shirts in the clip below are painfully amusing to watch.

There you go – a one-minute course in tribal dynamics.   Now you can’t say I didn’t get you anything for the holidays. :)

Back next week, with more random thoughts a-simmering…

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